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Sunday, October 29, 2006

One more Mom update from Traverse City

Well, Dad chastised me today for not keeping the updates coming and blamed it on staying up too late with Brother Tim. We in fact, did not stay up late causing trouble, though that might be expected when we get together. Tim & I did go out food and find a pretty dandy stack of ribs at a local joint but we didn't stay up late. [BTW, if there are typos in this post, above my usual count- tough! I've been drinking with a no-shit war hero. But that's the next post...]

Anyway, Mom is recovering nicely. She is in excellent spirits and has been breaking the back of the mailman as he or she trys to keep up with her get well card delivery. If you care to send her a card, the address is- Joyce [you figure out the last name], 1105 6th St, Traverse City, MI, 49684.

She is walking several times each day and insisting today that I speed up, in spite of the fact that no one passed us all day! Her strength for walking has improved considerably from the first day I arrived and her gait and energy level are much improved. Today she wanted me to move along quickly enough to get her blood and breathing speeded up. I had to remind her that we were trying to avoid that very circumstance!

Somebody has been visiting with her the entire time this weekend and she seems to appreciate the company. Having several folks visiting doesn't seem to impose on her, instead she seems to welcome the company. This weekend, Brother Tim and GF Rhonda have been around as well as Mom's sister Marlene, her daughter and my cousin Tammy and Marlen's son Dennis have all been in her room, (me too!) most of the weekend.

There is still discussion of letting her go to Cousin Tammy's home, here in Traverse City, in a few more days. The Docs don't want to rush it and neither does anybody in the family. Me- I'd rather she stay until they insist she leave since her care is immediate and the walking exercise is easy in the long hospital hall ways.

I've talked to family friends this weekend that I haven't had contact with for 25 or 30 years- that's been interesting! I've also heard some family stories I haven't heard before and some of those defy telling, they are just too funny.

We all got to watch as Mom received an updated electrocardiam/ultrasound and that was very interesting. It left no question about the hole between her heart chambers! The technician said Mom's record would certainly make it onto her "best of" CD and probably end up being plastered on t-shirts for a fundraiser! How cool is that?

Anyway, she is doing well, all things considered. Her color is good and her energy and attitude are positive. She is cleaning up her plate and passing orders to the kitchen staff about how she likes her vegetables prepared. She had fruit plates with 2 meals today and if she gets hungry still, another sister sent over more fruit and some health food store treats.

Tomorrow, I have time for an early visit, then its off to the airport for me and back to Utah. I wish I could stay more, for my Mom.

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